Monday, November 1, 2010


Chelsea Lorelei Moore
was welcomed with love on
at 7:44 in the evening
weighing 8 pounds, 1 ounce
and 20 3/4 inches long

We love you!
- Jesse, Kristin and big brother Lee.

pictures to follow

Monday, October 18, 2010

as promised...

By the end of this week, Lee will no longer be an only child. Wednesday, (10/20), I am scheduled to be induced so I dedicate this post to him and all of the things that I love about least all of the things I can think of right now!

Lee is such a wonderful son. . He surprises me everyday with new words, ideas and actions.
Here are a few things that I love about him:

Lee is a caring boy. This really came out when I became pregnant. He is much more gentle with me now. He knows that I can't carry him all of the time anymore and does surprisingly well considering the physical attachment he previously had to me. Yeah, I carried him everywhere! Now he is showing a lot of compassion and holding back his aggressiveness while still showing me with lots of hugs, kisses and his own cute way of practically cheering the phase, "I love YOU MOMMY!!!" When Jesse gets home, they get all of that aggression out in a wonderful father-son bonding time.

Speaking of Jesse, Lee has really grown close to his Daddy. Lee started out his life as more of a "Momma's Boy" in that I was around more so it was only natural that he wanted me to do more for him. After we both had full time jobs, it seemed to even out. Now that I'm a full time Momma again, he has bonded more with me, but he doesn't exactly prefer me all of the time. Several times during the week I get asked, "where's Dadda?" to which I reply, "He's at work." Now he usually just says, "Dadda's at work" but there has been more than one occasion where is"requested" that "MOMMA WORK!!!" Even with his angry tone, I couldn't help but just laugh.

Lee really is a good boy. I find multiple days where he doesn't receive any time-outs. Even recently when he does get a time-out, he often will go to his corner by himself when I inform him his action has granted him a time out. Now if he will just stay there! Oh well, what can you expect from a 2 1/2 year-old.

Lee can be very particular! He loves having choices. I find he can tolerate things pretty well if he has any sort of choice in the matter. For example, when going to the grocery store, Lee use to NEVER want to sit in the shopping cart for any length of time. Now we can ask him which cart he will want to sit in and *presto!* we have a boy who doesn't complain about sitting in a shopping cart. When it seems to get out of hand, we can tell him "it's not a choice." After this he sometimes wants to bargain with us. This doesn't always work, but parenting isn't a perfect system either. At the same time, we have been able to successfully set limits by using the phrase, "Lee, this is the last book. No more books after this." (We started off with this phase for night-time story time but now use it for about anything.) Luckily this works so well, when we start the phase, he finishes it for us and follows it too!

Sometimes, being particular is a good thing. It turns his life into a nice routine. For example, when we go to church, he knows first he plays with his friends and then afterwards, it's playground time! He can also point out the church every time as well as any playground within a 5 mile radius. :) Back to routines...Lee also knows his exact bedtime routine and looks forward to certain aspects like story time and prayer time every night. I probably look forward to our family prayer time every night just as much as he does! It's such a blessing to have a boy who likes to pray.

I mentioned story-time above, but don't get me wrong, that is not the only time during the day that we read. Lee LOVES to read books. We have so many books, we could support a small children's library! He loves to be read to and we love to read to him. I believe this has expanded his vocabulary as he likes to ask, "What's that?What's that?"

Lee is so friendly and imagitive. In the beginning he can be a bit shy, but he warms up pretty easily and loves to play with "friends," especially at a playground setting. He loves chasing and running with his friends and enjoys playdates too....which is super for this Momma! He has also gotten to enjoy alone time too which is cute to watch him play with his toys as his imagination runs wild! I love watching him babble and and have conversations between toys.

I could go on and on....and on. Jesse and I have been so blessed with Lee. He is so precious and we love calling him our son. We can wait to see you as a big brother. Lee, we love you and are so proud of you. We are so blessed.

All about Lee

coming soon!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So guess what? A LOT of changes have been taking place! I hope to blog more about them, more currently!

First of all, I (Kristin) quit my job and am a SAHM! (Stay at Home Mom!) I felt with baby girl coming, it was getting so hard to do my job and my stress kept going up while my health was going down. It was a very, very tough decision, but I'm positive it was what I needed to do.

Next, obviously I am getting more and more pregnant! LOL! I was gaining a lot of weight pretty rapidly...say 10 lbs in a month! Luckily, since I quit my job this has slowed down. I think it was stress related because I wasn't sitting around eating all day...or was I? Hehehe!

Now perhaps the most exciting is that we are potty training Lee! Oh yeah. After reading a lot of articles and getting SO MUCH advice, we decided that now is the time. We bought his "big boy" undies and after convincing him that they didn't go on his head or on his arms, we began this adventure. The first day was interesting and eye opening. Second day, he was definitely learning new things, but no "hits" in the potty. At the end of the third day (and spending the whole day nakie), I was wondering if this kid ever was going to get it. Finally, he looks down, says "hurry! hurry!" and runs PAST the bathroom to the other end of the apartment into the living room and sat on his potty and PEED! :) PRAISE GOD! Yes, Jesse tried to credit me, but I think this was all God's doing. We are on day four and still making some progress.

Since I'm on our tiny computer, I can't load pics. For some reason, you need available free space and this one has NONE! How can you use ALL of your free space? Get a tiny computer! :) Be grateful for a blog!!! :) I will try to add more pics later, okay? Okay.

Hoping that another 7 months don't go by....
-The Moores

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking back on OUR decade

So as we spent the very low-key night bringing in the new year, Jesse stated, "We met 10 years ago....this was OUR decade!" :) Very true honey. And what a decade it was!

Some of the highlights include:

Meeting on a cold December day
Our first date to see Toy Story 2....and then Jesse's car breaking down. :)
Asking me out in espanol!
Dating which includes:
Prom in the decked out Uhaul
The next year flying to Chicago before the prom
the boat...that did NOT float
really LONG phone conversations
picnics in the field
high school marching band practices
pep band games
Roses in my locker
Letters to one another
QH family camp every year
Jesse's family becoming my own
Graduating from High School
Jesse going to college...I joined him two years later
Jesse helping through that first year at UIndy
Jesse spending a month in Mexico
Meeting my biological dad
The proposal!
The RA and RD years at UIndy
Getting Eli, our puppy
The honeymoon!!! :)
Graduating from college as Jesse graduated from Grad school :)
Moving to St. Louis
Getting pregnant!
Jesse getting his first post-grad job!
Going to social work classes at Wash. U.
Finding our church, The Journey
Meeting incredible people from the Malone/Stark community group
Buying an apartment building
Buying a car....while saying goodbye to my beloved Saturn! :(
All of Lee's "first's"
first words
eating baby food, then real food
walking before crawling
first time we knew he understood us (we asked him if he was ready for a bath)
first and second Christmas
Lee's FIRST birthday
Going to South Africa!
Graduating from Wash. U.
Getting my first post-graduate job
Jesse going BACK to school....I don't think he will ever stop :)
Lee's baby dedication
Jesse's first promotion
and many more I can not think of right this minute

It's been a really great last 10 years! It, mostly, flew by. I'm amazed with everything that has happened in this short amount of time. But most of all,

I can NOT wait for the next 10 years!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


On Saturday we had the privilege of dedicating our precious Lee to the Lord. It was a wonderful time and we knew no better joy than to announce publicly that we are raising him in the best way we know how.

Another amazing part of the night was that we also got to dedicate Lee with two other families here that we are close to, the Starks and the Malones. Congratulations to Kye, Noah and Lee!

Afterward we went out to eat as one big family....isn't that what Christian brothers and sisters are? Anyway, all three families had members of their family enjoy a meal at a nice pasta restaurant on the hill. Afterwards we had a big yummy cake for the boy's dedication that everyone enjoyed. (Lee especially! :) I wanted to share a piece with Lee (it was his cake after all) and ended up eating more of it that I did!) It was a great time with really great friends.

****Speaking of, friends and family if you were there and got some good pictures, would you send them my way? The photographer for us was sick and didn't get clear shots of the ceremony. THANKS!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CONGRATS Mr and Mrs Schaub!

We had such a great time this weekend at Nick and Christina's wedding. It was a very special (and emotional!) wedding. It was so great to see so many family members and friends come together for this special occasion.

Here are some highlights:

  • DAYCARE offered for the kiddos in the bridal party (genus!)
  • picking up the cheese and learning they don't accept cards, but they let us have it anyway (they said, "just pay us later!" Bad business method, but it we were grateful!)
  • getting permission to take pictures in the library...even the old part that is shut off only for special occasions!
  • posing with interesting title choices...i.e. Danielle Steele's "Toxic Bachelors"
  • Jesse running off to buy decorations and Red Bull for the getaway car...including 2 "Hannah Montana" dolls
  • Being informed to be the MC while driving to Indiana. I did as well as an unprepared unprofessional could do at last minute! :)
  • Dave's (father of the bride) special surpirse song for Christina that made EVERYONE cry
  • Bridesmaids, "lean forward....turn your head slightly...." :)
  • Jesse dumping the whole bowl of birdseed on the happy couple (see above)

and something else I can't mention yet because it's still a surprise!